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As nights’ go by,

we watch each other, grow apart.

Saying nothing, doing the same.

Never asking where it went wrong,

never knowing how to say goodnight.

As nights’ go by, I see in your eyes,

closing from this life.

Saying everything.

Never asking ,will it be OK ?

never knowing how to say goodnight.


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Sitting as moon falls,
clouds desposed for birdsong.
Its morning light that warms,
this lonely heart.

My head adrift in
the haze of sunlight.
Spring leaves on old oak,
hide the bounty.

Captains call on open sea,
Taking news to distant lands.
Spice trails of history,
Folly of greedy man.

At port, children wait,
Spit and polish at hand.
Happy faces from the sea,
Soft embraces waiting.

These little words,
Awaiting night

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