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Sites of interest !

Sites of Interest

Please see below for some of the sites that interest or intrigued me

A Blogger app that assists you in creating your own themes.

CSS help site, amongst other “how-to”

Free widgets and tutorials



A List Apart

A list apart

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Woodworking for engineers.




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Let me start by apologising for this article ! Not, for the writing, Not, for the thoughts but simply put… The unbelievable fact that I’m not Satisfied.
It’s not, “Oh Dear..poor me. ” its more “You wanted this. You worked for this. You gave up a lot for it. “

And I suppose I did, let me start at the beginning. OK, ten years ago……

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Beach Walks

It was the night before you left,
we walked, you talked.
I listened.
it wasn’t me or you,
but the situation!
“The wrong place, the wrong time”
You said, I murmured something,
and we walked on.

you suggested..
” time apart, may make us……”
You didn’t completed your thoughts,
The sense of it, dull against the beached horizon.
The words, lifted by the autumn breeze.

My life, in your hands, again,
we walked on, and forgot each,
others names.


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Til the Morning comes.

We waited

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Doğadan Esinlenmiş Tasarımlar: Mantar Lambalar

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Children playing


The games of children.

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